Academic Performance

In the grade school, report cards will be issued to all students four (4) times a year at intervals of nine (9) weeks.  All entries made by the teacher on a student’s report card are made after careful evaluation of classroom learning, attitudes, and effort.  Please discuss each report with your child carefully.  However, keep in mind that grades should be guides in learning rather than goals for learning.

The grading system for evaluation of academic progress will be the actual number grades.  Music, Art, P.E. and Foreign Language grades are primarily based on effort and cooperation since the abilities of the pupils in these areas are so varied.  These four areas (along with conduct) will be graded by the letters E, S, N and U.

First graders will receive the E, S, N, U grades instead of the usual letter grades, since much of their evaluation will take into account former experiences and readiness.

Please note: Before the final report card will be given to a student, all fees must be paid and all books must be returned.  Also, before cumulative records will be sent to another school to which a student transfers, all fees must be paid, and all books must be returned.

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