Laurel Christian School

Code of Conduct

1.  The School Violence Act of 1994 carries severe MANDATORY penalties for violation of its provisions, particularly those pertaining to weapons on campus and violence on campus.  Please counsel your child about this statue.  A copy is available in the school office if you need additional information.


2.  Disrespectful conduct or attitudes, disruptions in class, or unruly behavior will not be allowed.  Respect for authority is expected for all staff members at any time either in or out of school.


3.  Pupils should take a personal pride in caring for church buildings.  Children can help by using wastebaskets, refraining from getting pencil marks and fingerprints on walls, by keeping the tops of desks in good condition, by picking up paper on the playground, etc.  After lunch, each student is responsible for cleaning up his or her place.  We want to instill in your child respect for the property of others. Restitution of damaged or destroyed property belonging to others will be made by the student(s) responsible.


4.  The dress code for grades one through six shall be the designated uniform as adopted for recent years.  On days like Field Day, Harvest Festival, etc. other dress as designated by the administration may be worn.  As expected, Christian modesty should govern the child’s choice of clothing.


a. Hair must be kept clean and neatly trimmed.

b. Earrings on males or body-piercing or tattoos by either gender is prohibited.

c. Hats may NOT be worn inside the building except on special days.


First violation of the letter or spirit of this code will receive a warning.  Further violations may result in suspension.


5.  Shouting, loud talking, running, or shoving in any part of the building is not permitted.  Fighting on school premises will result in punishment.


6.  Students must remain in assigned areas.


7.  Gum chewing will not be allowed.


8.  Conversations are expected to be positive, constructive, respectful.   Foul or dirty language will not be allowed. LCS wants to develop respect for each other so that kindness, understanding, and helpfulness become automatic responses.


9.  If your child comes home complaining of a policy or discipline, call your child’s teacher for all the facts.  We want our children to have a positive, constructive attitude about our school and life in general.


10.  To promote the goals and purposes of the school, students are asked to leave all toys, records, tapes, radios, non-educational magazines and books at home unless they are part of a special project and the teacher has given permission.


11. Each student is expected to come to class prepared, which includes possession of a pencil, paper, appropriate textbooks, completed homework, and any signed papers.  Parents can help by encouraging and teaching effective study habits and self-discipline.

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