LCS 1:1 Apple Technology Initiative

We are thrilled to introduce the new 1:1 Laptop initiative at LCHS. We are bringing our school and classrooms into the future standard learning environment. It is a privilege for our faculty and students to have such an exciting means of collaboration and personal technology to create a truly dynamic learning environment.

One may ask why every child would need a laptop? There are many answers to this question and beyond the obvious facts of sheer convenience, we feel the learning environment just got really fun. Unique needs are met to those students that learn more effectively in a non-traditional way. By utilizing this incredibly diverse means of technology, we can broaden the education horizon. No longer is the child just being taught rather he is exploring and discovering for himself and making the experience exciting and unique. Our children can express creativity in subjects not thought to be traditionally creative. Creating podcasts and movie presentations make reports and research fun. Seeing physics easily understood by playing a game utilizes technology. Foreign language classes holding conversations with children across the globe on a video chat make learning real.  Our students have a world of knowledge at their fingertips and all of the tools they need to embrace it.

Our elementary age students start early with Mac computers and mature into the one to one program in high school. Our secondary students from grades 10-12 are each issued a laptop. They use them all day at school and take them home as well for added support and resource. It is a great addition to the learning experience we strive to make excellent at Laurel Christian School.

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