Laurel Christian School takes a spiritual approach to education. L.C.S. is an extension of the Christian home and strives to encourage, support, and inspire students and families in a system of values consistent with the Word of God. It is our philosophy that students should have a Christ-centered view of the world, mankind and life.

This means that the entire program, the curriculum, the quality of teachers, the school policies, the methods, and the evaluation procedures will be based on a genuine commitment to the Christian faith and will be reflected in the way in which the task of education is carried out. L.C.S. is dedicated to academic excellence in a disciplined atmosphere.

The purpose of L.C.S. is to develop children both spiritually and academically so that they will be able to accept the responsibilities of life as committed Christians doing “all to the glory of God.” (1 Cor. 10:31)

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