Weekly Happenings (May 17-21)

Cubs’ Cafe: The last day of Cubs’ Cafe is Tuesday, May 18th. Please remember to send lunch to school with your child on Wednesday and Thursday of this week. Thank you for allowing me to serve your children this school year. Hope you all have a wonderful summer! –Mrs. Pittman

6th Grade Graduation Ceremony: Monday, May 17, 6:30pm, in the church sanctuary.  We look forward to this special event in the life of our 6th graders.  Dress Code for the graduates will be coat and tie for boys and modest Sunday dress for girls.  Guests will be limited to eight per graduate.  In consideration of the safety of others, please wear a mask. 

Kindergarten End of Year Program: Wednesday, May 19, 8:30 am, in the Sanctuary. Kindergarteners will wear their costumes.  Kindergarteners are dismissed after their program.

1st Grade End of Year Program: Thursday, May 20, 8:30 am, in the Sanctuary. 1st Graders will wear their costumes.  1st Grade Awards will be presented after the program.  1st Graders are dismissed after their Awards Ceremony.

Friday, May 21: Last day of school.  This will be a half-day.  It will also be Awards Day for 2nd-5th Grades.  Parents and Grandparents are welcome to attend:

                             8:15am – 2nd Grade Awards in the Sanctuary

                            9:00am – 3rd Grade Awards in the Sanctuary

                             9:45am – 4th Grade Awards in the Sanctuary

10:30am – 5th Grade Awards in the Sanctuary


Dates to Remember:

Monday, May 17: 6th Grade Graduation, 6:30 pm, in the Sanctuary. 

Wednesday, May 19: K5 End of Year Program, 8:30 am, in the Sanctuary 

Thursday, May 20: 1st Grade End of Year Program/1st Grade Awards, 8:30 am, in the Sanctuary 

Friday, May 21: (Half Day) Last Day of School/Awards Day (2nd-5th Grades)

                              2nd Grade-8:15am, 3rd Grade-9:00am, 4th Grade-9:45am, 5th Grade-10:30am  


“The Lord replied, My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.” Exodus 33:14 


Have a safe, fun summer!

Orientation (K5-6th Grade) will be Tuesday, August 3, 11:00am-2:00pm (Come and Go)

1st Day of school will be Thursday, August 5th (Half-day)


Happy Birthday!

                                                                        May 18…Alex McElhenny (5th Grade)               

                                                                        May 18…Jace Stephens (4th Grade)

                                                                        May 22…Kalaia Moffett (5th Grade)

                                                                        May 24…Emily Everwine (Kindergarten)

                                                                        May 29…Grayson Kennedy (3rd Grade)

                                                                       May 30…Rylan Broome (Kindergarten)

                                                                        May 31…Andrew Hill (3rd Grade)

                                                                        June 2….Caleb Stevens (Kindergarten)

                                                                        June 3….Jackson James (6th Grade)

                                                                        June 3…Kash Mccoy (5th Grade)

                                                                        June 4…Cooper Jones (Kindergarten)

                                                                        June 5…Lillian Staples (3rd Grade)

                                                                        June 5…Baylor Morris (1st Grade)

                                                                        June 6…Jonah Vanderslice (1st Grade)

                                                                        June 8…Jenna Spoon (5th Grade)

                                                                        June 8…Weylon Windham (Kindergarten)

                                                                        June 9…Donald Dinwiddie (2nd Grade)

                                                                        June 10…Kellyn Lyon (3rd Grade)

                                                                        June 14…Jocee Vanderslice (6th Grade)

                                                                        June 14…Meghan Dossett (5th Grade)

                                                                        June 23…Karter Bryant (4th Grade)

                                                                        June 24…Ramsie Sharpe (4th Grade)

                                                                        June 25…Joshua Cochran (6th Grade)

                                                                        June 27…Kaleb Shumaker (6th Grade)

                                                                        June 28…August Slade (4th Grade)

                                                                        July 4…Jack Weeks (3rd Grade)

                                                                        July 7…Kirsten McCoy (1st Grade)

                                                                        July 9…Katherine Anding (5th Grade)

                                                                        July 14…Amry Rose Miles (3rd Grade)

                                                                        July 15…Arabella Knight (5th Grade)

              `                                                        July 17…Sidora Robinson (Kindergarten)

                                                                        July 20…Hal Turner (2nd Grade)

                                                                        July 20…Weston Parker (5th Grade)

                                                                        July 23…Lily Clark (6th Grade)

                                                                        July 27…Braylon Glenn (3rd Grade)

                                                                        July 28…Anley Miles (Kindergarten)

                                                                        July 29…Luke Everwine (6th Grade)

                                                                        July 29…Oskar Lucas (5th Grade)

                                                                        July 31…Cal Cardwell (3rd Grade)

                                                                        July 31…Levi Breazeale (Kindergarten)






























































































































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